Youth Justice & Power Union
"We are the leaders we've been waiting for" - Grace Lee Boggs

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YJPU has been at the center of the youth, racial and economic justice struggle for a number of years - Standing in solidarity with Ferguson #IndictAmerica action in March 2014 and #JusticeforTamireRice action in January 2016 led by Black Lives Matter Boston. We’ve demanded the city put a stop to the annual funding of the Boston Police Department as there is no new funding or developments for youth employment, education, and affordable housing in Boston.

YJPU as as a multiracial organization for and by youth and young adults of color (15-24),understands the importance of uplifting the historically oppressed with the current needs for action now. As an organization committed to dismantling anti-black racism, capitalism, gender based oppression, and state sanctioned violence. YJPU values organizing and direct action as a vehicle of social change.

To get involved with our organizing and multi issue campaign  -  plug into our work and get more information about our member meetings and events by contacting our Lead Organizer of Campaigns & Base-Building at Ziquelle@YJPUBoston.Org



YJPU is sourced through our community of supporters and funds, both large and small. Our staff, leadership team, and members dedicate many hours to to run our actions, deliver leadership development training, and deliver high impact campaigns. We invest in youth of color because we know we’re worth it. - We invite you to join in making a donation on our donation page today!

Here’s what we will do with your support this year:

  • Build an intergenerational youth movement advancing an agenda against all forms of oppression through organizing and direct action.

  • Host our first annual YJPU Fundraiser this spring.

If you are interested in learning more about our plan to be community sustained please contact our Lead Organizer of Sustainability and Campaigns at